Hive Components


8 or 10 Frame Telescopic Cover

Telescopes over the top of the hive to protect bees from the elements.


Painted $30.00


8 or 10 Frame Migratory Lid

Allows hives to be packed tightly for transportation.


Painted $21.00


10 Frame Innerview Inner Cover

Milled from Cyprus wood and includes screened holes for bee management whether ventilation, to feed, or to use as a top hive entrance. The laminated glass provides a barrier between you and your bees.



8 or 10 Frame Garden Hive Copper Cover



8 or 10 Frame Wood Inner Cover

Use under the telescoping cover to provide your bees with working space!


scr in.PNG

8 or 10 Frame Screen Inner Cover

Keeps hives well ventilated. Compatible with telescoping cover.



8 or 10 Frame Plastic Queen Excluder



8 or 10 Frame Metal Queen Excluder

Heavy-duty welded queen excluder meant to last.



10 Frame Wood Bound Metal Queen Excluder

Gives bees extra working space while reducing risk of loosing your queen.



8 or 10 Frame Shim

Improve brood chamber congestion, which in turn helps to reduce swarming. A Shim also aids honey production by providing an additional entrance/exit to honey supers. The shim should only be placed between supers with drawn comb.


ent red.PNG

8 or 10 Frame Wood Entrance Reducer

Control hive traffic by reducing the entrance.


metal ent.PNG

10 Frame Metal Entrance Reducer



8 or 10 Frame Solid Bottom Board


Painted $21.50

Does not include entrance reducer.

varroa trap.PNG

8 or 10 Frame Screen Varroa Trap with Drawer

This versatile, fully assembled varroa trap can be used with a standard bottom board or just a hive stand. Our drawer style (opens in back) means that you do not have to disassemble the hive to clean the trap. A replacement sticky board can be placed inside the drawer to monitor or evaluate mite loads. Remove the drawer to have a screened bottom board.



8 or 10 Frame Freeman Beetle Trap

The Small Hive Beetle are a pest to beekeepers all over North America, Hawai’i, and Australia. Beetles infecting a hive can completely destroy it in a very short time. Developed by Jerry Freeman of Hamburg, Arkansas, the Original Freeman Beetle Trap is a simple, safe, and effective way to eliminate small hive beetle infestation.

This trap consists of two components: coated galvanized steel mesh bottom and a plastic tray beneath filled with cooking oil. The small hive beetles are pursued through the mesh by guard bees, trapping them in the oil where they suffocate and die quickly. Gravity does most of the work! The oil is not toxic, and over time, the trap virtually eliminates small hive beetle infestation.



8 or 10 Frame Vented Freeman Beetle Trap

Everything the original Freeman Beetle Trap is and more. Extra space allows bees ventilation in warm weather.



8 or 10 Frame Plastic Tray

Used in conjunction with original and vented Freeman Bottom Boards.


robbing screen.PNG

10 Frame Robbing/Moving Screen

A great addition to any bee yard, this moving/robbing screen is extremely effective. It can be completely closed up when moving or used to reduce the impact of robbing. Favored over a traditional entrance reducer as it allows sufficient airflow at all times.


ult rob.PNG

The Ultimate Robbing Screen



8 or 10 Frame Sticky Board

This sticky board can be used with or without the screen to monitor or diagnose a varroa infestation. If placed directly on the bottom board, the screen will be needed to keep the bees from the adhesive. When used in conjunction with a screened bottom board, the replacement sticky board can be used alone. The sticky board is conveniently printed with the grid lines to aid in determining the number of mites present.



10 Frame Pollen Trap

Fits between the brood chamber and super with its four sided frames. The pollen trap sits on the outside of the hive boxes. Once the old entrance is blocked off, the bees will enter through the pollen trap entrance and go through a screen, knocking the pollen off and into the pollen trap drawer. The drawer opens easily to harvest your pollen. Close off for 2 - 3 days every week to allow the bees sufficient stores.



Propolis Trap

Propolis traps are an excellent way to harvest clean propolis from your hive and add extra income. Replace your inner cover with our plastic propolis trap. The bees will fill the grooves of the trap with propolis. To remove simply put the trap inside a plastic bag and freeze overnight. Twist or bang the trap inside the bag to release the propolis.



10 Frame Slatted Rack


move net.PNG

Moving Net

Cover your hive during transportation.