Honey Extraction


pro bee escape.PNG

Professional Bee Escape

Clear your supers in as few as 4 hours! This simple, straight-forward escape will have your supers cleared in no time! Simply attach over the hole of your inner cover and set it in place, escape side down, beneath the supers to be cleared.


bee quick.PNG

Fischer Bee Quick

Repels bees from whatever surface sprayed on.



8 or 10 Frame Solar Fume Board

Spray underside of board with Bee Quick to repel bees into the hive during extraction.



1 Pound Plastic Squeeze Bottles

$12.00 per dozen. Includes lids.


Stainless 6/3 Frame Hand Crank Extractor



Plastic Manual 2 Frame Extractor



5 Gallon Honey Bucket with/without Gate

With gate- $22.50

Without gate - $9.95


Uncapping Roller



Electric Capping Knife



Plain Uncapping Knife



Capping Scratcher



Plastic Honey Gate






Double Stainless Steel Sieve



Bucket Strainer

400 medium - $7.50

600 coarse - $7.50


Bucket Bench



Stainless Steel Honeycomb Cutter


pail perch.PNG

Pail Perch


ult uncap.PNG

The Ultimate Uncapper



Bucket Opener