Nuc Boxes & Accessories


5 Frame Nuc Box



  • Unassembled nuc box

  • Assembled migratory cover

  • Assembled bottom board

  • Frames sold separately



  • Unassembled nut box

  • Assembled telescopic lid

  • Assembled bottom board

  • Frames sold separately

Available assembled and painted!



Unassembled OR Assembled Nuc Box

Holds five 9- 1/8” frames.

Unassembled $16.95

Assembled $21.95

Painted $26.95

nuc mig.PNG

Nuc Migratory Lid

Allows nucs to be tightly packed.


nuc tel.PNG

Nuc Telescopic Lid

Heavy-duty aluminum withstands harsh conditions. Lid telescopes over the top

of the hive to protect from the elements.


nuc scr.PNG

Nuc Double Screen Bottom

For overwintering nuc colonies and great for splitting! The double screen ensures no contact

between two nuc colonies.


nuc sbb.PNG

Nuc Solid Bottom Board


nuc fbb.PNG

Nuc Freeman Beetle Trap

Used to trap and easily dispose of beetle trapped in the tray.


nuc inner.PNG

Nuc Inner Cover

Place under telescoping nuc lid.



Nuc Screen Inner Cover

Provides bees extra space and ventilation!


nuc tray.PNG

Nuc Plastic Tray

Used in conjunction with nuc Freeman beetle trap.


nuc intro 2.PNG

Nuc Introduction Board

Makes uniting nucs and 10 frame colonies easy! Place board between nuc body and 10 frame hive.



Follower Board

Used as a "hive reducer" when colonies aren't filling the box and need to maintain brood temperature.

Make a full sized box a nuc with this handy tool!



5 Frame Cardboard Nuc Box

Great for making splits!

Lightweight and easy to carry. Makes a super swarm box!

Cap plug not included.


nuc plug.PNG

Cap Plug For Nuc Box


ent disk.PNG

Steel Entrance Disk

Control traffic in the hive with a four position entrance disk! Entrances include open access, queen

excluder, ventilation, and closed. Simply mount with a screw.


Nuc Entrance Reducer

Fits between the bottom board and first brood chamber to control the size of the entrance to the hive.