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Might Mite Killer - 5, 8, 10 Frame

Winding Creek Apiary and Bee Supply is proud to announce we are the new Central/South/West Texas Dealers of Mighty Mite Killer, a thermal hive treatment.

  • Kills mites and hive beetles

  • Industrial grade thermal belt, with thermal sensor

  • Waterproof electronic controller

  • Second thermal sensor in the center of the high body

  • The controller analyzes the comparative temperature values of both sensors, keeping the temperature at the desired setting

    Weight ~ 12 lbs

    110 V requirement

    Installation Instructions

    How It Works


8 or 10 Freeman Beetle Trap

A beetle trap that replaces the bottom board. Easy to clean!


Vented- $55.00


Beetle Jails

An in-hive reusable beetle trap that can be filled with bait.



Beetle Blaster

An in-hive beetle trap that can be filled with oil.


Mini $1.50


Beetle Trap Oil

Used to fill beetle trays and traps to lure and drown beetles.

Pint- $6.50

Quart- $9.95

beetle baffle.PNG

8 or 10 Frame Beetle Baffle

The Beetle Baffle™ forms a full perimeter, downward facing ledge that permits normal bee traffic but makes it very difficult for beetles to climb over, depriving them of access to the combs. Bees quickly adapt their herding behavior to drive beetles downward and out of the hive as opposed to attempting to imprison them at the top of the hive. Trapping them at the entrance keeps them from entering the hive and damaging comb. The wood spacer is required for installation, sold separately or make your own. (Bottom board not included)


Spacers sold separately $4.75

beetle towel.PNG

Beetle Towels

An effective and economical way to trap small hive beetles. Cut each towel into three pieces, placing one to two sheets in each hive where beetles congregate. Your bees will chew up the towels, creating a fuzzy trap. Beetles are unable to escape once they make contact with the towel.



DE Earth

Provides organic beetle control. Spread in front of hive or in tray to create a microscopically sharp barrier to keep pests away.




GardStar® is a ground drench (DO NOT USE INSIDE THE HIVE) used to control small hive beetle larvae which pupate in the ground around the hive openings. It is also effective against adult hive beetles emerging. Each 4 oz. (113.4g) bottle makes 23 gallons (86.94 l) and 1 gallon (3.78 l) will treat approximately 6 hives. Sprinkle 18 - 24" (45.7 cm x 61 cm) out in front of hive entrances. Treatments last 2 - 4 months, depending on rainfall. If treating in an area where hives are already present, use a watering can to avoid any over-spray from contaminating the hives. GardStar® quart makes 189 gallons (714.42 l). 1 quart (946.24 ml) will treat 1134 hives.




A natural treatment to control varroa mite population honeybee colonies.


10 pack $55.00


HopGuard II

A natural, food grade product used for varroa mite control. Includes 24 strips per pack.



Mite Away Quick Strips

The Quick Strips have a treatment period of just 7 days. Daytime temperatures must be between

50° F - 84° F (10° C- 29° C). Strips are laid across the tops of the brood frames and they can be used during a honey flow if necessary. A spacer rim is no longer needed for these strips, but you still need to wear the recommended safety equipment for acid. Store below 77° F (25° C) away from direct sunlight.



Check Mite +

Used for varroa mite control in conjunction with plastic corrugated squares sold in stores.



Oxalic Acid

Used for varroa mite control.



Green Drone Frame

Our one piece plastic frame and foundation features a larger cell pattern encouraging the bees to build drone comb. As part of your Integrated Pest Management program for varroa mites, insert one drone frame into each hive. When the bees have capped the cells, place the frame in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight. Remove the frame from the freezer and let it warm to room temperature. Drag your capping scratcher across the cells, breaking them open, then place the frame back in the hive for the worker bees to clean out the dead drones and mites. Repeat the cycle as the bees refill and cap the cells.



Sugar Shake Jar Lid

Used on sugar shake jar for varroa mites.



Fumagilin B .5g

No longer available without vet prescription… 3 bottles left!




Used for varroa mite treatment. Instructions included.

10 pack $35.95

50 pack $134.95


Moth Crystals


easy check.PNG

Varroa Easy Check