Queen Rearing



Queen Marking Tube

Made of clear plastic so you can see your queen. The bottom is screened so you can easily mark her. Simply scoop up your queen and gently nudge her down with the soft foam plunger until her back meets the screen.



One Handed Queen Catcher

Catch the queen with just one hand and know you will mark her easily and safely! Our new Queen Catcher has a safety stop built in to keep from applying too much pressure and killing the queen and its one-handed design makes it quick and easy.


queen marking cage.PNG

Push-In Queen Marking Cage

Used for marking queens.


queen marking pen.PNG

Queen Marking Pen

Color changes every year.



Queen Clip

Safely catch your queens with our spring loaded catcher. Allows workers access to the queen inside.



Chinese Grafting Tool

The Chinese Grafting Tool has a flexible head that easily slides under the larvae and royal jelly to scoop it out of the cell. It is spring loaded to delicately remove the larvae and place it safely into the cell cup.



German Grafting Tool

Made of smooth stainless steel, the German Grafting Tool has two different ends. It has a longer neck on one side which makes getting into the cell a breeze. The other end offers a little wider base which is flattened to get under larvae and gently remove it from the cell.


intro cage.PNG

Introduction Cage

Ensure acceptance with our Introduction Cage! Trap the queen on a brood frame and push the cage directly into the wax. Allow the workers to release her or do it manually.



JZ-BZ Base Mount Cell Cup

Fits perfectly into grooved top bars or bottom bars by pushing the prong on the bottom of the cell cup into the groove and rotating for a friction fit. The cell cups come in a variety of colors to suit your preferences or color coding needs.



JZ-BZ Plastic Cell Bar

The new JZ-BZ Cell Bar is designed specifically for the base mount cell cup prong. It can be mounted in a standard frame using a wood screw or use our queen rearing frame. Doesn’t include base mount cell cups.



Wood Cell Bar

Designed with a groove cut to hold your Base Mount Cell Cups. Can be easily mounted in a queen rearing frame.



JZ-BZ Push-In Cell Cup

Push-in cell cups fit into a pre-drilled 25⁄64" (.39 cm) hole and come in a variety of colors to suit your preferences or for color coding purposes.

$.15 each


JZ-BZ Queen Cage

Does not include queen cage cap.



JZ-BZ Queen Cage Cap


push in cell pro.PNG

Push-In Cell Protector

After being placed over the queen cell, it is pushed into the drawn comb of the brood nest where the workers are most likely to care for the cell.


top bar cell protector.PNG

Queen Rearing Frame

Completely assembled 9⅛" frame designed to hold two cell bars.



Top Bar Cell Protector